Well, I know it’s Christmas!

Ok, I’m real excited. My first seed catalog came today!!!! If you could see me now. I would be like that old cartoon where the dog eats a biscuit, and says  Hum-Hum, and floats off into the air. That’s how I feel when I get a seed, flower or herb catalog. It is time to plan!!

I’m doing a garden this year out of pure joy! I retired just a few weeks ago and can’t wait. I have had a garden just about every year of my life. Now I can plan, work and enjoy it. I can put it up during the week not just Saturday afternoon or Sunday after church.

Have you given any thought to what your planting this year? I’m starting my list and checking it twice. LOL


Dirty feet and garden planted

   Garden in planning stage,sweet tea always ready…….  20160519_172717

I don’t think anything feels better than fresh turned dirt beneath your feet. Hubby replowed the garden after church this morning so I could work on it. It has rained for weeks and this was our first good open window. We now have corn, beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts,  sweet onion,4 kinds peppers,3 kinds maters, kale, peas, zucchini, cauliflower, 5 diff lettuces ,radishes, beets, turnips. and flowers and herbs to fight off bugs.20160522_194505

Kaydy and I  planted this garden with fun in mind. We have herbs tucked away to help the plants. Marigolds, sunflowers, camomile, basal, I put in a walk path, toad house and along the side a pea trellis where my little picnic table will be. Kaydy and I put together a couple of 3 sisters just to see how they work. So don’t know how much I will get from this but at least it will be we hope pretty.


Ladies watching really to well!!!!!!


Cherry trees,stone, and rasied beds

We got the cherry trees moved. I love these trees, the cherries are sweet and they bring back great memories. The first time I picked this kind of cherry, I was at my sisters. Later on her grandma Teen,( husbands side) I know I’m not spelling it right but it’s been a few years… let me dig up a tree at her house, I’ve giving starts of this tree to friends  for years……..love it. I can just see them wild when I’m gone along with the other things I’ve planted over the years. At some point some lady will slam on her brakes and pop her trunk, grab that shovel and before you know it she has jumped that fence, out in the field just a digging!!!!!!!! That’s my spirit coming out happy as a lark just hoping she gets all she wants!!!!! Yes, that could be me any time sister!!!!! My shovel is always handy……


This past couple of weeks I  have been busy at work, going in early and wore out by the time I got home.  Three days sound nice but they will go very fast and I will be back in my car pulling out again, but for now time to garden between raindrops. I’ve been working on the side yard, removed bushes, placed in rock and setting up my hot bed. I’ll have fresh salad in no time!!!! My asparagus  is up and I will do my first cutting in a few days. Garlic is showing it’s greens and not to be left out are the herbs coming back looks like all of them I planted made it through the winter. Planting a few more this year.


Oh MY! smoking someweed,a hotbed!!

It’s garden planning time! It was so nice that I burnt the weeds around the garden that I had piled up. I tell myself every year that next year I’m not planting a thing. Well if you have been reading my blog for long,you know I change my mind about everything everyday! Dirt is now in my new hotbed around by the side of the house. I do know that the older I get the more I’m moving inward toward the house with my garden. I moved my herbs closer this past year and have 2 big planters ready for this year. Cherry tomatoes are going in one, just outside my door on the sunny side so I can just reach right out and get them. Bell pepper plants will be in the other one right on the other side of the door ,onions will be in the hotbed along the front.  The tater will be on each side of the new hotbed white tater in one red taters in the other and a small sweet tater box somewhere.  Just for this one area there will be onions, lettuce, radishes, spinach,  kale, taters, peas up the steps, tomatoes, green peppers, and I can’t forget the strawberries.  Back to planting and planning, have a great day.

potato bin

Cast Iron all the way…


   This was me cooking breakfast this morning. I know a lot of people hate cast iron, but I grew up with a mom who could fry the meat of anything, in her iron skillet. We had fried squirrel , rabbit, frog legs not to mention  just plain old steak and chicken. What ever my mom cooked in that skillet was great. When hubby and I got married, she gave me one, I still use it today. I have 5 others of different sizes but most get used about everyday or so. Mine have seasoned over the years, so nothing sticks unless my kiddo cooks and tries to cook with it to cold, most the time its like a good cook stove, likes to be warmed up.I can just wipe them clean most the time, if anything does stick I don’t put soap on it ,I just use a soft scrubber, under hot water, then dry it off. They never go into a sink of water. I then put them on the stove warm them up and put a little shortening on a dry rag and wipe her down.They are ready to go for next time. Hope everyone has a great day.



We all enjoyed!!!!!!!

Rosemary ?

  Rosemary, Oh! My! I love this plant.. now to find out what one to get to put into my garden. I didn’t know that there were so many to choose from. I’m not sure which one to get I always thought a herb was a herb, but no not that easy. Rosemary comes in kinds , some bloom some don’t. This is where I could use some help. Does anyone grow  rosemary, not only for cooking but flowers? I want to make flower gardens with herbs, both pretty and useful  any ideas?

rosemary blooming

Herbs go where?

        I’ve always been interested in herbs and as I’m putting my garden together I want to use them with my regular plantings. I’m not really great at what plants go together so I’m going to rely on these books to help me. Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte, Vegetable gardener’s Handbook by Ron Kujawski & Jennifer Kujawski, and The herb Companion .  Like I said also, the net. I would be lost with out that.

If you grow herbs with veggies please let me know what you put together. I’m being very honest, know veggies ok but herbs, not so much other then how to brew my teas. Thanks