Baby steps, with diabetes

One thing I want to talk about is snacks.  I’m allowed 2 snacks, one between my breakfast and the other after my supper around 7pm. The thing is I need systems….workable plans for me. I have to have them, or I won’t do be able to do this. If the snack thing is going to work I need them pre made. They have to be ready for me to grab, ready to throw into my bag to take and have a carb or protein tag ready for me to count. If they don’t then there goes 10 min for me to plan it in, recheck myself and let me say this by the time I do this I’ve already headed out the door, why? I also have to be to work early, at least a ½ hr. if not I panic. Issues lol, so I made pre counted snack bags and containers.


These snack bags, have my pecans, almonds, sun flowerer seeds, raisins, pretzel sticks, crackers, black walnuts, English walnuts, cashews, dried cranberries, dried trial mix. Pumpkin seeds, ready for me to grab. They are in the snack bags that have the amount on them and I have written the carbs, fat or protein so I can use them either in cooking or just eating. Nuts are high in fat. So with my liver I have to watch how and when I use them. These are like donuts to me; I have to use them wisely. I also have clean carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, green onions, lettuce kale, maters and cucumbers ready to eat. This takes care of veggies.

What if I want something with a little more bite? I have to cover that to on this plan because I will grab something; I just need it to be something I should have.  For me I love cheese, so I pair it with grapes and crackers. I buy block cheese, cut off the size chunk I can have (if using for carbs) then use a cheese slicer and slice it thin put it on the cracker and eat them with grapes . With the amount I’m allowed I can eat 12 of these for snack, or add a salad for a nice lunch. Thanks to a friend who got me hooked on these this is my go to.

(if you count my crackers, yes one is missing) lol



There’s something else I have to add to my thoughts, water! Diabetic, thirsty, no I can go all day and never take a drink, unless I eat. If you ask my friends who eat with me, my glass has to be filled all the time with water (that’s what I prefer).  I will drink 3-4 glasses at meals. I forget to drink or don’t have the impulse either one.  Hope this gave some ideas. Thanks for your visit.


Bitter sweet

I will be off from work for a couple of weeks hubby is having surgery. His first one was yesterday and another one is Monday. Yesterday went well ,sore but pain pills are keeping him in check. Monday he will be done and keeping him down will be like trying to get a bull to not run a fence with a cow on the other side. I’m very happy to be off but not for this… bitter sweet. Been off 2 days and blood suger has dropped  below  200…..I have to change jobs, this was the 3rd time Ive had a 3 or 4 days off and seen it drop. The first day back to work the last 2 and I’m back to over 230 or better……. Yesterday while we were waiting to go into surgery, and hubby was hooked up to meds 3 other people were in the room also waiting to go thur surgery doors, they were having toes remove …all compcations of their diebates. This was an even bigger eye opener.  Shouldn’t because I know it is ranked the 7th leading cause of death. Please don’t think I’m dead and gloom here, I’m not! I’m a fighter, starting a walking program, I am taking care of myself just need a different job.

Now a lighter subjectI’ve been moving plants in for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know how to get the gnats out of the dirt before you bring them in. The first ones I filled a bucket of water big enough to set the pot and all into that had a little dawn dishwashing soap in it, that did pretty well but the other plants are too big to do that to. Any ideas give me a chat.