Last night working then 2 days off!

We are having Inventory in the bakery so I have been working over nights to make sure we run as smooth as we can. My long johns are out and ready, thick socks ready and some warm shoes. Most of what I will count will be in the freezers so that means tomorrow when I get up my joints will hurt and I’ll be showing my age, lol. We do this once a month so it isn’t hard just time-consuming.

Looks like our air is going out but that’s ok at least fall is around the corner and the nights are cooler. Lord works in mysterious ways. We will have to save up to get a new one. but that one lasted 12 yrs or so.

Guess I’ll close just a short howdy to let you know I’m alive and that the diabetes isn’t kicking my hind end anymore I’m kicking it best I can……..


Touch of fall in the air

Summer is on its way out,as the nights get a little cooler. I just wanted to post this picture that my daughter had taken earlier and give thanks for all the beauty that we have seen this summer.