My new journey “Diabetes”

I’m not really liking the title but this is my journey for now. I don’t plan on it being with me forever and as soon as I can I will leave it in the dark place it belongs. It brought friends when it came, liver disease , high cholesterol, abdomen aorta blockage , high blood pressure , kidney cysts, and sleep apnea. This I learned 2 days ago, after weeks of testing, lots of needles and people saying “sorry hun this might hurt a little”. Well I can tell ya after over coming a brain tumor with all it’s friends, with God in the lead we threw them out and I do plan on doing the same with these body invaders! So  we are taking it head on strong and with family to help, well lets just say they aren’t going to have time to unpack.

So day 1 of taking control……………………………………….God before me I can do all things………………………………………………… if your on this journey also, please feel free to add your thoughts and your progress!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “My new journey “Diabetes”

  1. Oh my gosh dear! You’ve got a lot to deal with, I’m so sorry you are going through all this. Geez, I know this is hard, but somehow we all manage to just take one day at a time and deal with it. Be strong, something better always comes our way when challenged. I had all my teeth pulled 3 weeks ago and had implants put in… OMG! Sometimes life just sucks doesn’t it?

    1. yes I had one removed in 98, had to relearn a lot of things. This is some of the things it left me. I had contrast for the MRI’s they have now banned that contrast because of liver damage, in comes me years later……

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