I’m Starving……

I think I have this diabetes thing down, blood testing, meds and all. I will say I’m starving!!! I miss Chinese take out,but know right now it’s off limits,but sometime soon. If anyone has a great recipe for garlic chicken and fried rice……let me know.lol  It has to  be ok for HB, High cholesteral, and a sick liver. but most of all it has to not taste like old school paste. Please don’t judge me,I was 7 and back then it tasted pretty good

On a lighter note. My garden has become the new jurassic park. Theres some giant plants that have large teeth that stick the heck out of you. I know there is giant spiders and toe licking  frogs.It’s a real jungle! No veggies but so much more…. scary!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great day and have a great week!!!


1st week with diabetes

    Well I will say this week has been a long one. I’m on Metformin for my diabetes and of course the other pills that do their part to get me well. I’ll tell ya this is not a fun ride, but it is a doable ride. I have cleaned out the kitchen of anything that I can’t have, invested in some containers to cut up all my veggies in and reworked my pantry to fit my new style. I’m very lucky to have a hubby that will eat right along with me, I’ve heard a lot of people say their spouse would not do that. Shame on them!!!! How can you not help the one you are to love the most after to God? anyway after a few days my route is in place and I’m doing ok. The diabetes I can master now for the liver disease,  I’m still testing on that one. I’m in hopes that the diabetes set it in motion and once that’s under control I will feel much better. I guess the thing I learned this week is to be thankful that’s all that was found, it was found early and that I’ve lost 3 lbs without trying, lol.

    I must add……..I was sick after my first day on the meds. I went from no meds to 6. I think my body was in shock. I did cry the day I rode home with that big bag of pills and when I go to get fitted for a cpap mask this week I might do it again , but for this morning my meds are done. My coffee brewing and I have a sunrise to see. Everyone have a wonderful day.

My new journey “Diabetes”

I’m not really liking the title but this is my journey for now. I don’t plan on it being with me forever and as soon as I can I will leave it in the dark place it belongs. It brought friends when it came, liver disease , high cholesterol, abdomen aorta blockage , high blood pressure , kidney cysts, and sleep apnea. This I learned 2 days ago, after weeks of testing, lots of needles and people saying “sorry hun this might hurt a little”. Well I can tell ya after over coming a brain tumor with all it’s friends, with God in the lead we threw them out and I do plan on doing the same with these body invaders! So  we are taking it head on strong and with family to help, well lets just say they aren’t going to have time to unpack.

So day 1 of taking control……………………………………….God before me I can do all things………………………………………………… if your on this journey also, please feel free to add your thoughts and your progress!!!!!!!!!!!!