Love those burgers but Oh my!

My daughter and her family were over this afternoon. We decided grilling burgers was fast and simple as I work tomorrow and have been under the weather. All I was to do was start it and they would cook. Well that sounded great to me so started it put the lid down,5 min later went to check it just as I did the fire flared and to say the least I now have less eyebrows then I started with. My eyelashes are half the length and my bangs are now a little shorter. I have a whole new spring look! But the food was good and I wasn’t hurt and by tomorrow you won’t be able to tell I did a thing…………..ending to a great day.


Spring has finally got here

We now have the furnace on and the temp outside is 34. As you can see by my blog screen I’m moving on with spring even though mother nature is dragging her feet.

I’ve gotten some of my new plantings for this year, I’m so excited !

  • Blue berry bushes (2)
  • Wisteria purple
  • kiwi (2)
  • red raspberry bushes (2)
   That gives us cherry trees, persimmon trees, blackberries, walnuts, hickory nuts, pear tree, strawberries and then our new ones. I’m getting an apple tree, peach and magnolia as soon as I find what I want. That should make the yard pretty and my larder full. One more step to growing our own plate.
    Now if I can get mother nature to follow along……