Thanksgiving rush is over, praise God!

        I made it through Black Friday, got off at 1 am, and don’t have to be back until Sun at 4am. All my kids and grandkids will be here next Sat for turkey and all the trimmings, by then I will enjoy it.  My brother invited us out for thanksgiving lunch, worked out great we ate at 12 or so I got to visit then left from there to go to work. He always has such wonderful food!!!!  I am very thankful for him.

      I’ve sure been missing my grandma and grandpa the last few days. I think of them often. My grandpa could hug the hurt away every time. They always made me feel loved , I pray my grandkids will feel the same about me and hubby as years go by. My kids have that with their mamaw and even though papaw is gone the oldest ones remember him with love . Mamaw lives just up the road. No matter how old you are she always has ice cream, and good hugs. I’m very thankful for God putting them in my life.

Now to get through Christmas,,,Oh my!


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