The Bad and just the plain fun of it all!!

sometime you have to weather a storm That has been this week. Did you know that our government has changed the laws on of all things the hot water heaters, I know our rolling your eyes but oh my what a night mare. The sizes have changed, they are taller so hook ups don’t a line, so new plumbing has to be done. Our heater went out and the space that held it is no longer big enough to house the new units.  We then got to remove a wall and place it nest to where it should have went, what a mess. So please take a look at your heater space and begin to think about what you would do if it goes out, you might not just have the cost of the heater but a whole remodel of the area……..just a heads up.


On to better things!!! My little sis came to visit, we belly laughed most the visit. We both love kayaking , I didn’t that day, but she had a blast. Next time we hope to get all the family on that lake. We had a great time at Golden Corral, and it ended way to fast. Both my brothers were there, who I love dearly, if I had know that day was getting cut short I would of been taking pictures, but for now they are in my head. If my oldest sis had been there my day would of been complete. Maybe next time. Our family needs to start a once a year visit………my sisters live out of state. Love all my family!!! Any way good time, and boy can my brother fry a chicken!!! yum yum!!! not to mention the pork rinds from mom and Bob!!!!! So GOOOOOOD!!!! Tell next time have a great week and I pray mine gets better but then again it all worked out.

I need to do an edit on this piece, our baby brother was there also along with our mom. He had just told her to put her feet up and relax…… goes the belly laugh !!!!!!

20151025_154312love them to pieces, just missing Linda and Dickie…..


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