My first 5k run

                 I had a blast, was wore out, my knees are sore but I will be doing it again. First 5k, 51 minutes. 20151010_0649235k team  Kaydy and me with a cup of coffee before everyone got there. The group just before we started.

5 K run~Our group at the finish!!!!! So proud of everyone!!!


20151010_091608~20151010_095113-1Hubby taking pictures of his ladies, he was so happy for us, got off the tractor just to take our pics,,,,On to more ways to get healthier in life!!!! Bike riding is next but I’m not giving up on walking and hiking!!! To much fun,


6 thoughts on “My first 5k run

    1. Did you get your bike dusted off….I’m still walking but getting colder at nights now so might have to change. I do feel better( well right now I have a cold) but I do enjoy the walking.

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