My first 5k run

                 I had a blast, was wore out, my knees are sore but I will be doing it again. First 5k, 51 minutes. 20151010_0649235k team  Kaydy and me with a cup of coffee before everyone got there. The group just before we started.

5 K run~Our group at the finish!!!!! So proud of everyone!!!


20151010_091608~20151010_095113-1Hubby taking pictures of his ladies, he was so happy for us, got off the tractor just to take our pics,,,,On to more ways to get healthier in life!!!! Bike riding is next but I’m not giving up on walking and hiking!!! To much fun,


Meal update

I thought I would post an up date of my meal plan.



This is how I cook a lot of the a time. I always do hotdogs and sausages last and my meals are ready.


The chicks played out again today, they are getting so big. This is about what they should look like.

welsummer chicks Cuckoo Marans Speckled Sussex Cherry Egger Black Laced Silver Wyandotte

Meal plans and farm life

20151003_145412 20151003_150024

The girls got to come out of the fence area today to free range. They loved it, after they got through the door. They stuck next to the coop but I’m sure that won’t last long,lol

Meal Plans

My menu this week: * 8 grilled chicken breasts, 1 steak, baby taters from the garden, bell peppers, onions

  • 3 breasts grilled whole then thinly sliced I want them to just have a grilled flavor so no spices
  • 3 breasts sliced thin with half my steak thinly sliced, with sliced sweet onion, sliced  yellow, red and green peppers, cumin, basil, salt pepper ,chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, all mixed in with a little Olive oil to blend. I make a little foil spot next to my grilling whole chicken so I can stir fry these up.
  • 2 chicken breasts that have been marinating in teriyaki  sauce and honey
  • The other half of the steak just seasoned with onion powder, salt and pepper.
  • I’ll grill up a bag of red and yellow peppers to put in some sauce later along with some gilled onion to have on hand.
  • Roasted on the grill cubed taters with fine chopped onion that has spent a few hours in a bag with ranch dressing

The Meals

  • Chicken Wraps -1 grilled breast thinly sliced makes 3 nice wraps for us – thin chicken slices, lettuce, green peppers, diced sweet onion, a few pickled peppers, thinly sliced and ranch dressing for hubby and Vidalia sweet onion dressing for me.
  • Chicken fettuccini – 2 grilled chicken breast, sliced into thicker slices, added to about a handful of grilled sliced peppers, some sliced mushrooms, grilled sliced onion, a little oil, garlic powder, salt to taste all stir fried up then I add some heavy cream, butter, a hand of grated parmesan cheese and a couple of pinches of flour to help thicken . While doing this I cook my angel hair pasta then when pasta is done I drain it, add sauce sprinkle more cheese on top and serve with garlic bread garlic bread. This makes enough for me to have 2 meals from.
  • I take my fajita chicken and steak and add all the fixings- yum
  • Roasted taters and steak -My other half of steak along with the taters I roasted earlier I put in a foil packet, place in a hot oven for about 20 minutes. Serve with corn on the cob.
  • Teriyaki chicken – I cut it in thick slices, stir it up in a little oil to coat the pan that’s it, push it to one side of my large iron skillet and warm the rest of the roasted taters next to it, green beans and I’m done