Pretty Chicks……….

As you can see the chicks have gotten a lot of their feathers.

DSCN2983 (2)DSCN2980 (3)

The exciting thing is when I went in the coop yesterday afternoon one had flew onto the perch…………….I couldn’t get a picture, as soon as I got out my phone she got down. Maybe today I can. But they are getting so pretty…………….


Getting things done.

     The chickens are growing just fine. I have moved them into the chicken coop, where they are safe and warm. When hubby built the coop, he done a great job making sure there was no open holes and the inter door was easy to see through but yet sturdy enough to keep critters out. There is plexiglass on the bottom half of the screen door. and wood along the bottom of the nests. In this pic the trap door is open to get to the eggs.


The wire you see on the wall in front of one of the older chick swings down and can be locked in place to keep air flowing but the new chicks in and big critters out. The floor is cleaned and I put down about an inch of wood chips for the baby chicks. It doesn’t cover the floor but will dry up any droppings and not ruin the wood floor. I have used this type of bedding for almost 4 years. Works great, change it out 2 times a year. If you throw mealworms in 2 or 3 times a week they will keep it stirred up and dry. You can see it’s not very thick,  but they will bunch it and make a nest. Back to finishing the coop still need to clean the windows………..


here is just some random pics.

DSCN2992 DSCN2974 DSCN2993

They are here!!!!


I know it sounds funny to some, but to a true chicken lover they will understand my excitement. When I got the call I thought 2 had died, but all 25 made it. Two looked a little wobbly in the knees, but after a heat lamp, tender care, food and water they all are doing good. Kaydy learned a little, and even though she isn’t a lover like me, she thought they were cute. Next time she can handle them on her own. Who knows one day……………………a new chicken lover…….

20150814_091050 20150814_090722 20150814_090633 20150814_090653

They are just too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Few weeks and in the coop they will go……………………………….

Once a chicken keeper, always a chicken keeper

Once a chicken keeper, always a chicken keeper

    I’m getting so excited, this Wednesday my new chicks ship out.  I have 25 coming, can’t wait to meet them. They are all breeds that I have never had, so that’s exciting on it’s own.  I had just took a break this past year after keeping them for 25, guess they have won my heart….I will have to get the hen house up to par! (see poor chicken coop in some pics below,lol)
    The kids all came for the weekend with their families, I love get to gathers. Kaydy had hung water balloons from the tree limbs and the kids big and small had fun busting them.

Then off on the rides they went….

I love it when everyone comes to ma-maws and pap-paws house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great day!!!