Pretty day for grilling

Hubby surprised me yesterday with a new grill…mind you I have hinted, took him past it, left pictures of it on the computer for him to see, and there it is..just cooking away. Some might think it is small, but just for the two of us most the time, it’s just right.


Right now it is loaded with our taters, this is how I do mine..

First, I slice them. I use a wooden spoon, lay one in the spoon then cut to the edge of it. That way I don’t cut all the way through. Then when I get them all cut I lay them open along the handle so I can season them. (sorry a little blurred) Then on to grilling chicken kabobs, legs and breasts for later. I will say, that this grill cooks different than my old one, I’m going to have to learn how to use the smoke stack because I don’t want everything smoked, some I just want grilled. It is a fine line as I’m learning.



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