Early morning thoughts

My youngest daughter has been home,and has decided a change in her career. So she is back home until June( end of empty nest, for awhile). She has been going to training this week and has gotten up during my morning hour retreat,lol. If you haven’t noticed I am a early morning person. I get a lot done and am very chipper. Now to her I am annoying, the reason I say this, she was quietly talking the other morning to her dad and whispered to her dad, does mom always talk so much in the morning. I was waiting to hear his answer….he thought…wise man that he is before he said those words. Sometimes, then as she said dad isn’t it annoying. He said honey that’s just how your mom is……….humm……………. now I could take it 2 ways here, I’m annoying all the time or that I ‘m a person that is a ray of sunshine early in the morning and he knows it and loves it. Well because I’m a morning person I will take it as a good thing, but after a long day at work, coming home and cooking dinner, laundry and clean up…………well lets just say, by the end of the day I might not be. Oh and by the way, I was in the other room when they were whispering . Isn’t it wonderful when some ones voice goes down how your mom hearing turns up….awesome just awesome. have a great morning.


4 thoughts on “Early morning thoughts

  1. Imagine the world of 10 years ago. A younger Chris and Julie hit a rough spot in their marriage. They are on the couch of a marriage counselor (who was, apparently, effective) when Julie says, “It’s like there’s a spring in him that winds up all night. Then in the morning….BOING! He’s off and running. It’s not normal!”


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