Simply thoughts

DSCN2624 I was thinking of the old things, I still use, these two don’t seem like much, I know. The grater I use everyday. I cook a lot from scratch, so there is always something to slice or grate. I got this grater years ago from a relative on my hubby side. She had it for years before that. She has long passed and I sometimes think of her and what she would of been cooking when she used it.. The same with the cheese slicer, I got it at a friends yard sale, her mother in law used it before she passed away. I couldn’t help but get it, hubby and I eat sliced cheese and crackers as a bed time snack. Like I said they don’t seem like much, but if you were to ask the kids, they would say I remember mom using that, for this or that. When it comes to my children, I pray always that they knew they were loved and wanted. That we have and will always have memories of each other.  Our youngest, said the other day that her friends think its cute that when I tell about something her dad and I did. I always say dad and I, never Don, just dad and I. I never really thought about it before, don’t think I will ever change after all these years, so dad it is. See the simple things is what matters not the rest………………..


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