Oh MY! smoking someweed,a hotbed!!

It’s garden planning time! It was so nice that I burnt the weeds around the garden that I had piled up. I tell myself every year that next year I’m not planting a thing. Well if you have been reading my blog for long,you know I change my mind about everything everyday! Dirt is now in my new hotbed around by the side of the house. I do know that the older I get the more I’m moving inward toward the house with my garden. I moved my herbs closer this past year and have 2 big planters ready for this year. Cherry tomatoes are going in one, just outside my door on the sunny side so I can just reach right out and get them. Bell pepper plants will be in the other one right on the other side of the door ,onions will be in the hotbed along the front.  The tater will be on each side of the new hotbed white tater in one red taters in the other and a small sweet tater box somewhere.  Just for this one area there will be onions, lettuce, radishes, spinach,  kale, taters, peas up the steps, tomatoes, green peppers, and I can’t forget the strawberries.  Back to planting and planning, have a great day.

potato bin


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