Cast Iron all the way…


   This was me cooking breakfast this morning. I know a lot of people hate cast iron, but I grew up with a mom who could fry the meat of anything, in her iron skillet. We had fried squirrel , rabbit, frog legs not to mention  just plain old steak and chicken. What ever my mom cooked in that skillet was great. When hubby and I got married, she gave me one, I still use it today. I have 5 others of different sizes but most get used about everyday or so. Mine have seasoned over the years, so nothing sticks unless my kiddo cooks and tries to cook with it to cold, most the time its like a good cook stove, likes to be warmed up.I can just wipe them clean most the time, if anything does stick I don’t put soap on it ,I just use a soft scrubber, under hot water, then dry it off. They never go into a sink of water. I then put them on the stove warm them up and put a little shortening on a dry rag and wipe her down.They are ready to go for next time. Hope everyone has a great day.



We all enjoyed!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Cast Iron all the way…

  1. That’s awesome 😊 I’m addicted to my cast iron – think I have at least thirty pieces of it – skillets, Dutch ovens, bread pans, corn bread pan, obler skivver pan, waffle iron….
    Hmmmmm. I think I have a problem 😄

  2. We just got a a bunch of cast iron for Christmas…Dutch oven, mini square pan great for one egg or one grilled sandwich, enamel covered skillet and a huge 14 inch skillet. We already had three others and love them all. So incredibly versatile. One of my favorites is baking crispy bread in the Dutch oven.

  3. Wow. Well. Um. How about that. I just happen to have a cast iron post sitting unpublished but ready to go. So. Yeah. Maybe I can still sneak that one in anyway…

    Love cast iron. Non-stick, non-flaky.

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