Kids gone and movie night

   Friday night, kids gone, don’t work tomorrow…………….thinking a little time between Hubby and I would do us good. Oh!!!!! man was I right, I’ve played on this computer most the night while he watched his war movie. We were made for each other !!!!! I’ve had a blast, I drink and write and I’m about done with my bottle, he told me when a commercial  came on he would run out and get me another bottle of Big Red (soda to some, pop to others) from the garage. If I scooped him out a bowl of ice cream. See 40 yrs. and even in other rooms of the house we fit like gloves. I could go in and sit with him a spell but then my snoring would get to him, so because I love him, I let him watch in peace, yelp that’s love all right. I’m not one that thinks every minute we have to spend together, just as long as I know where he is. I know this post ain’t about nothing, but to me……tonight was movie night and I’m sticking to it…hope everyone has a great night..God Bless


6 thoughts on “Kids gone and movie night

  1. Quality time with your other-half is always important. My hubby and I tend to go separate ways during the day, but we sit together and talk at dinner and usually cuddle up for a movie together after. It’s s great way to end our busy days!

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