I wish I had!

  I hadn’t went to work on Mon or Tue due to illness. You all know how far behind you get when you’re gone, and how fast you move to get caught up. This was one of those days. I was coming from lunch going back to my department, when I started to passed a man I knew. He was family, he smiled as he was coming and like always I said, Hello, doing ok? I was still moving when he touched my arm, I stopped. He began by telling me he had just visited his mom, who was in her 90’s. Real quick, I thought of my mom, and no she isn’t 90. She would kill me if she thought I had even thought it, but she raced through my mind. He then went on to tell me that He had just left her from the nursing home. He visited her twice a day, (again thoughts of mom). He goes there to feed her, because she won’t eat. She hasn’t been able to see in years. Her head is now bowed down, laying on her chest, to hunched over to pick it up, if it could straighten. Her one side doesn’t work and she has come to the point that she just wants to go home, be with the love of her life. She misses him so. (again thoughts of mom)

He then tells me of His wife. He takes care of her, her knees are bad and she isn’t able to walk much anymore. He pushes Her wheel chair in the stores, and does a lot of the inside work at home. They use to ride cycles, go on vacations and spend time out and about.( thoughts of hubby). He said He hadn’t been riding in a few years, not sure if it would even run. He wanted so to work on it and a car he had gotten years back. Then it came……………..the look of tears. He told me that if he had known that in this time of his life he would no longer ride, work on his favorite things, that all his time and energy would go others, he wish he had done more while he could of. Him and his wife would of rode more, seen more and enjoyed more. He would of spent more time visiting his mom. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his family, will do everything for them because its the right thing to do, but he was telling me to enjoy my hubby and family, get out don’t just wait for when we retire, because by then we might not be able to do anything. He wasn’t ready just to stop enjoying things, but for now there was no time. He himself was worn out.This is a strong man, a man who is God fearing, loves his family, and wants to do the right thing for them. I just listened. There wasn’t much I could say, but that his love for his family was more then anyone could wish for. I told him he was a great son and hubby, that he was a blessing. I hugged him and wished him well, told him I would put him in my prayers. As I left the thoughts of my mom and things I know that need changed, came to mind.  Time is to short to waste. Hubby and I need to laugh more,and enjoy more before we too are at our point of…. .I wish I had…


2 thoughts on “I wish I had!

  1. Hubby and I just had a similar conversation when we decided to move back to the camper and live simpler. He was working 60 hour weeks, no time for the kids or grandbaby. Life happened while he was at work and it seemed we were missing everything important to us. So, back to the camper, he now works a much less stressful job with fewer hours. We get by, but the time we now get to spend on things that matter is priceless.

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