Coffee and the sound of rain.

imagesKLCRVOMR Around our house Hubby and youngest daughter have colds. I have veggie soup cooking as I type and drink my coffee. They will get lots of tea and honey and vics rub on their feet with some warm socks to help with their cough. I have my rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle ready to hit the light switches, doorknobs and any handles I think they have used. I’m the kind of person who thinks blankets need changed often along with bed linen and bleach W/ hot water is my best friend. Once I’ve got them all snug for the day, mopping and cleaning the kitchen is my goal. I am bound and determined to get that kitchen organized so my oldest won’t roll her eyes…she doesn’t really but as I hear the plastic butter container (I can’t throw away) roll across the floor as she opens the cabinet I can see them in my head, lol So organizing today!!



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