Early morning thoughts

My youngest daughter has been home,and has decided a change in her career. So she is back home until June( end of empty nest, for awhile). She has been going to training this week and has gotten up during my morning hour retreat,lol. If you haven’t noticed I am a early morning person. I get a lot done and am very chipper. Now to her I am annoying, the reason I say this, she was quietly talking the other morning to her dad and whispered to her dad, does mom always talk so much in the morning. I was waiting to hear his answer….he thought…wise man that he is before he said those words. Sometimes, then as she said dad isn’t it annoying. He said honey that’s just how your mom is……….humm……………. now I could take it 2 ways here, I’m annoying all the time or that I ‘m a person that is a ray of sunshine early in the morning and he knows it and loves it. Well because I’m a morning person I will take it as a good thing, but after a long day at work, coming home and cooking dinner, laundry and clean up…………well lets just say, by the end of the day I might not be. Oh and by the way, I was in the other room when they were whispering . Isn’t it wonderful when some ones voice goes down how your mom hearing turns up….awesome just awesome. have a great morning.


Simply thoughts

DSCN2624 I was thinking of the old things, I still use, these two don’t seem like much, I know. The grater I use everyday. I cook a lot from scratch, so there is always something to slice or grate. I got this grater years ago from a relative on my hubby side. She had it for years before that. She has long passed and I sometimes think of her and what she would of been cooking when she used it.. The same with the cheese slicer, I got it at a friends yard sale, her mother in law used it before she passed away. I couldn’t help but get it, hubby and I eat sliced cheese and crackers as a bed time snack. Like I said they don’t seem like much, but if you were to ask the kids, they would say I remember mom using that, for this or that. When it comes to my children, I pray always that they knew they were loved and wanted. That we have and will always have memories of each other.  Our youngest, said the other day that her friends think its cute that when I tell about something her dad and I did. I always say dad and I, never Don, just dad and I. I never really thought about it before, don’t think I will ever change after all these years, so dad it is. See the simple things is what matters not the rest………………..

Oh MY! smoking someweed,a hotbed!!

It’s garden planning time! It was so nice that I burnt the weeds around the garden that I had piled up. I tell myself every year that next year I’m not planting a thing. Well if you have been reading my blog for long,you know I change my mind about everything everyday! Dirt is now in my new hotbed around by the side of the house. I do know that the older I get the more I’m moving inward toward the house with my garden. I moved my herbs closer this past year and have 2 big planters ready for this year. Cherry tomatoes are going in one, just outside my door on the sunny side so I can just reach right out and get them. Bell pepper plants will be in the other one right on the other side of the door ,onions will be in the hotbed along the front.  The tater will be on each side of the new hotbed white tater in one red taters in the other and a small sweet tater box somewhere.  Just for this one area there will be onions, lettuce, radishes, spinach,  kale, taters, peas up the steps, tomatoes, green peppers, and I can’t forget the strawberries.  Back to planting and planning, have a great day.

potato bin

Cast Iron all the way…


   This was me cooking breakfast this morning. I know a lot of people hate cast iron, but I grew up with a mom who could fry the meat of anything, in her iron skillet. We had fried squirrel , rabbit, frog legs not to mention  just plain old steak and chicken. What ever my mom cooked in that skillet was great. When hubby and I got married, she gave me one, I still use it today. I have 5 others of different sizes but most get used about everyday or so. Mine have seasoned over the years, so nothing sticks unless my kiddo cooks and tries to cook with it to cold, most the time its like a good cook stove, likes to be warmed up.I can just wipe them clean most the time, if anything does stick I don’t put soap on it ,I just use a soft scrubber, under hot water, then dry it off. They never go into a sink of water. I then put them on the stove warm them up and put a little shortening on a dry rag and wipe her down.They are ready to go for next time. Hope everyone has a great day.



We all enjoyed!!!!!!!

Kids gone and movie night

   Friday night, kids gone, don’t work tomorrow…………….thinking a little time between Hubby and I would do us good. Oh!!!!! man was I right, I’ve played on this computer most the night while he watched his war movie. We were made for each other !!!!! I’ve had a blast, I drink and write and I’m about done with my bottle, he told me when a commercial  came on he would run out and get me another bottle of Big Red (soda to some, pop to others) from the garage. If I scooped him out a bowl of ice cream. See 40 yrs. and even in other rooms of the house we fit like gloves. I could go in and sit with him a spell but then my snoring would get to him, so because I love him, I let him watch in peace, yelp that’s love all right. I’m not one that thinks every minute we have to spend together, just as long as I know where he is. I know this post ain’t about nothing, but to me……tonight was movie night and I’m sticking to it…hope everyone has a great night..God Bless

I wish I had!

  I hadn’t went to work on Mon or Tue due to illness. You all know how far behind you get when you’re gone, and how fast you move to get caught up. This was one of those days. I was coming from lunch going back to my department, when I started to passed a man I knew. He was family, he smiled as he was coming and like always I said, Hello, doing ok? I was still moving when he touched my arm, I stopped. He began by telling me he had just visited his mom, who was in her 90’s. Real quick, I thought of my mom, and no she isn’t 90. She would kill me if she thought I had even thought it, but she raced through my mind. He then went on to tell me that He had just left her from the nursing home. He visited her twice a day, (again thoughts of mom). He goes there to feed her, because she won’t eat. She hasn’t been able to see in years. Her head is now bowed down, laying on her chest, to hunched over to pick it up, if it could straighten. Her one side doesn’t work and she has come to the point that she just wants to go home, be with the love of her life. She misses him so. (again thoughts of mom)

He then tells me of His wife. He takes care of her, her knees are bad and she isn’t able to walk much anymore. He pushes Her wheel chair in the stores, and does a lot of the inside work at home. They use to ride cycles, go on vacations and spend time out and about.( thoughts of hubby). He said He hadn’t been riding in a few years, not sure if it would even run. He wanted so to work on it and a car he had gotten years back. Then it came……………..the look of tears. He told me that if he had known that in this time of his life he would no longer ride, work on his favorite things, that all his time and energy would go others, he wish he had done more while he could of. Him and his wife would of rode more, seen more and enjoyed more. He would of spent more time visiting his mom. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his family, will do everything for them because its the right thing to do, but he was telling me to enjoy my hubby and family, get out don’t just wait for when we retire, because by then we might not be able to do anything. He wasn’t ready just to stop enjoying things, but for now there was no time. He himself was worn out.This is a strong man, a man who is God fearing, loves his family, and wants to do the right thing for them. I just listened. There wasn’t much I could say, but that his love for his family was more then anyone could wish for. I told him he was a great son and hubby, that he was a blessing. I hugged him and wished him well, told him I would put him in my prayers. As I left the thoughts of my mom and things I know that need changed, came to mind.  Time is to short to waste. Hubby and I need to laugh more,and enjoy more before we too are at our point of…. .I wish I had…

Coffee and the sound of rain.

imagesKLCRVOMR Around our house Hubby and youngest daughter have colds. I have veggie soup cooking as I type and drink my coffee. They will get lots of tea and honey and vics rub on their feet with some warm socks to help with their cough. I have my rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle ready to hit the light switches, doorknobs and any handles I think they have used. I’m the kind of person who thinks blankets need changed often along with bed linen and bleach W/ hot water is my best friend. Once I’ve got them all snug for the day, mopping and cleaning the kitchen is my goal. I am bound and determined to get that kitchen organized so my oldest won’t roll her eyes…she doesn’t really but as I hear the plastic butter container (I can’t throw away) roll across the floor as she opens the cabinet I can see them in my head, lol So organizing today!!