Who took fall?

        I can’t believe I wasn’t wearing a jacket a few weeks ago to this 16 degrees! All the leaves are all but gone, and the birds have left……my feeder was full of all kinds of birds then boom…..gone. The farmers are getting in the last of the corn around us and the semis are keeping the roads hot getting it to storage. So things are winding down early…. I’m not sure I’m ready but am sure mother nature is on the move and moving fast. The winter storm that’s head toward us will bring our first measurable snow fall, our first sight of snow was on the last day of Oct. So not really a fall, per say .

       Working retail, this was my last promised weekend. We all were told this past week that we could/would be asked to change our plans up through Christmas. I ‘m old enough to remember that all things but life threating were closed on holidays and family enjoyed time together. I do miss it. Wish we still had the yearn for family not greed.

On a happy note my youngest came in from collage to visit for the weekend, brightened my day. My oldest daughter will call today to say howdy and we will catch up and our son I’m sure will be over with the kiddos . Life is still good, just knew it better but in our time many thing will change, hold on tight to what you can and let the things that don’t matter go.


4 thoughts on “Who took fall?

    1. Thanks, I decided not to let it get me down and started grilling and making dinner outside….. sun was shining anyway even if its 34 out side….have a good day or night not sure for you.

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