Sassafras tea and a good book.

Early morning brings me sitting in my favorite chair, drinking my favorite hot tea. Love mornings when I’m up alone and can take a morning to myself. Winter coming means I need to stock up on more herbs and roots for teas. Just wondering what kind of hot tea you all like? Do you grow your own ,dig your own. I do both, well hubby does.. he gets my sassafras root ,I grow chamomile, peppermint, lavender, lemon grass, rose hip, Echinacea and building every year. Everyone have a wonderful day.


2 thoughts on “Sassafras tea and a good book.

  1. Hmm.. never had sassafrass tea, actually. 🙂 Herbal and fruit teas are nice for the evening… but for me, the best tea in the world is good old fashioned black tea… English blends, orange pekoe, etc. Good black tea is hard to find stateside – avoid Lipton at all cost! PG Tips is good, also Yorkshire or even Tetley, but the English Tetley, not the blend for iced tea. Yum! xx Happy morning to you!

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