Sassafras tea and a good book.

Early morning brings me sitting in my favorite chair, drinking my favorite hot tea. Love mornings when I’m up alone and can take a morning to myself. Winter coming means I need to stock up on more herbs and roots for teas. Just wondering what kind of hot tea you all like? Do you grow your own ,dig your own. I do both, well hubby does.. he gets my sassafras root ,I grow chamomile, peppermint, lavender, lemon grass, rose hip, Echinacea and building every year. Everyone have a wonderful day.


Busy Day

I got to stay home today. I cleaned the house done laundry and now am free for the rest the weekend!!!! I’m going to enjoy the weather, and do some sewing and bible reading. So excited………….things here are on edge with things only God can handle so to His feet I lay them and trust He will guard our family with His care. I pray everyone has a great weekend ……..

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Cold night warm fire!

I have had a wonderful week, my sister and her family came for a visit. They came just in time for our weather change. They got to see the first site of orange,red and yellow in the trees. We went visiting to other family members, ate lots of great food and had belly laughs so hard my belly hurt. The only thing that would have been better would have been if my other sister had come.

The cold also brought on the wood stove and hot soup. I love wood heat. I don’t think there is any heat as warm and cozy as it is. Hubby has the wood shed full so we should be good and warm. I need to get some winter teas, sassafras root and chamomile . I need to get my winter spices cut and brought in to dry also, but that’s another day. For now I need to head to bed………………..hope everyone has a great weekend.