Hunting ,porch swing

    What could be better on an early afternoon, than sweet tea, porch swing and a nice breeze. I have the windows open and the house airing. Sheets on the line and heavy winter coats drying in the breeze. Saving electricity  and peace of mind.  Those sheets blowing in the wind remind me of us five kids playing around our clothes line growing up, until mom caught  us and ran us off……. that woman could run. With 5 kids she needed too and climb trees to get us Oh yes she would, good days..
    Thought about going mushroom hunting but really not good for me to go alone. My brother will be here to go sometime soon and I’ll wait on him. Do you like mushroom hunting? We stock up all we can, but they go fast. It had rained last night and this morning so they should even be popping out more, well that’s it I talked myself in to going anyway…… have a good day I’ll see ya in the woods..


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