Coffee smelling good

      Breakfast is done and kitchen cleaned up, load of laundry on the line and now enjoying blog time and coffee. Hubby has went to pick up wood, to restock what we have used this winter. I can not say enough how much I love our outdoor furnace, it has saved us so much money the last 4 years that it has now paid for itself.

   I am hoping to get a few things planted today if all goes well. My plants that I had out before the frost have done well, I did lose one but it has a green leave started so it didn’t die out just yet. I should have covered them  better but ….

       Been a short night, really couldn’t sleep a sound sleep, I have decided this will always happen when I have to work the next night. I go in tonight at 12 to serve the 3rd shift a light meal, and to make donuts for all those churches who have placed orders and want them by 5. I will be off at 8, then off meet my family at church, followed by a dinner at my brothers, I hope. Then home for a short while before I crash into my pillow for the night. Just to start it back up at  3 the next morning. Everyone have a Happy Easter!!!!!!!!


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