Flooded road

I’m sitting on the porch swing just before daylight .The Birds are busy getting the morning breakfast I guess because they are chirping like crazy. I can hear turkeys in the woods and see the dawn coming up. 

 It’s a peaceful place to be. I would of worked today but with the flood, comes our roads blocked off. I have a lake out my back door, side door and in front a river rageing but for now I’m drinking coffee enjoying the sounds of nature. I can’t think of a better song, or view.

Today it was suppost to get to 70. I can’t wait, the breeze is blowing and I will put some wash on the line and air the house from it’s winter slumber. I would like to move my small lilac bush. Would love to have it’s pretty smell coming through the house. Not sure if I can or not might have to wait on the hubby….

Guess I’ll get to the laundry……..and the fresh air.




2 thoughts on “Flooded road

  1. Always loved the flood when I was growing up too. Complete peace because as you said..no cars can get in or out. If we were stuck in too long and Grandpa really thought we “needed” something him and Dad would saddle the horse and through the woods they’d go to town. A few times I got to ride along. We’d mark the water with a rock then see how far up or down it would go, catch nightcrawlers climbing out of the water and the best time to fish..right after a good flood 🙂 People always say “How did you guys stand that?” and it always struck me funny. Now I realize not all folk are cut from the cloth we are lol They think they HAVE to have lights, take out and the such. Always love your posts 🙂

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