Rosemary ?

  Rosemary, Oh! My! I love this plant.. now to find out what one to get to put into my garden. I didn’t know that there were so many to choose from. I’m not sure which one to get I always thought a herb was a herb, but no not that easy. Rosemary comes in kinds , some bloom some don’t. This is where I could use some help. Does anyone grow  rosemary, not only for cooking but flowers? I want to make flower gardens with herbs, both pretty and useful  any ideas?

rosemary blooming


5 thoughts on “Rosemary ?

  1. I always grow regular rosemary – some people call it barbecue rosemary as it makes long straight stalks that you can use as skewers if you like. Regardless – a heads up – it would be worth your while to head for a nearby nursery and buy some rosemary that’s already started. I’ve started from seed – but the seeds are the size of microdots – you can barely see them. Then, they take forever to germinate. Sometimes weeks. Meanwhile you’re keeping the soil moist and waiting and waiting……then finally you see a sprout that you almost need glasses to look at – you get the picture. Once rosemary is a plant – it takes very little effort to keep growing. I’ve one plant in a pot that’s several years old. Once established, quite drought tolerant. So although I sometimes still start from seed, I also pick some up from the nursery and just repot it.

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