Herbs go where?

        I’ve always been interested in herbs and as I’m putting my garden together I want to use them with my regular plantings. I’m not really great at what plants go together so I’m going to rely on these books to help me. Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte, Vegetable gardener’s Handbook by Ron Kujawski & Jennifer Kujawski, and The herb Companion .  Like I said also, the net. I would be lost with out that.

If you grow herbs with veggies please let me know what you put together. I’m being very honest, know veggies ok but herbs, not so much other then how to brew my teas. Thanks


4 thoughts on “Herbs go where?

  1. Carrots Love Tomatoes – good reference – that’s the one I use…..I’m in gardening zone 3 – so some herbs I simply grow in the greenhouse. Not a long enough growing season. 😊

      1. Oohhh – zone 6 – I’m envious! Actually in your zone you should easily be able to grow almost any herbs you like – in the garden, or in pots on a sunny back porch.
        My greenhouse is actually a ‘make do for now’ affair that’s lasted for several years. We picked a large south facing wall on our feed storage room and simply built a frame on an angle from under the eave to about eight feet away on the ground. Covered it in poly, built some shelves against the wall, left the rest of the space open about 20 feet long end to end. Really though – any size greenhouse helps – especially if you have a late spring and want to get some plants started. I use mine for paste tomatoes, herbs, and anything that takes longer than the approx 90 day growing season I have – drying beans are a bust unless I do them in the greenhouse, as are any peppers. We have plenty of daylight hours – but we’re guaranteed a good hard frost two or three times a month all summer long. Not having a greenhouse would definitely limit me. Oh – you need a way to let the heat out regardless – I use Jemp Vents – they automatically open at a certain temperature. I think you can find them online easily. 😊

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