Early morning, peaceful

      Early morning breakfast done, biscuits and gravy. I could hear the birds chirping just before daylight. With the time change it doesn’t get daylight until 7:30 or later, dumb dumb thing time change… well.
Hubby has already started off on the tractor to cut wood for next year. He has been working on the wood pile for a couple of weeks now. He will have all we used this year replaced by end of spring, early summer. That way he won’t have to do it during the hot summer or work on it will while its hay season.


I know he is plowing in this pic, but I didn’t have one cutting wood…lol that’s old red, it belonged to his grandpa, then his dad and now him. Our youngest daughter said it’s hers next, Eric might not agree..

Today I’ll do some laundry, but not on the line…… but soon I hope. hurts too much to raise my arms that way.. But soon.
Well it won’t take long for my day to get ahead of me so I better take off myself, everyone have a great day.


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