Moving here

A few days ago I moved to here on wordpress, I was having trouble on my old site and it was getting to where I hated to write anything there. Now I started with a new outlook, new name, and a few different thoughts. I’m getting older, and I’m changing things around my home. The larger garden, that fed my family of 5, then 4, then 3 and soon just Hubby and me has been down sized to better serve us.  I will use only my 4 raised beds and a small plot to hold corn,( which yes I will still share with the kiddos). I have been down sizing in the house also, giving my kids things that I think they could enjoy now. Less dusting, and caring for me….love the freedom. Thanks to everyone who has visited me already, and if you would please spread the word I’m here…thank you also I have a new facebook page


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