My Coop


As you can tell my coop has a great walk in area, There is a screen door (right now open) that I can keep closed so that the front door can be kept open to let in lots of light and air. The front can hold my cans of grain the nesting boxes I can get into without going into the main coop, I can even raise the coop outside door, so that my shoes and work clothes can stay clean before I go to work, he put it on a pulley .He thought of everything.

DSCN2284  I know everyone has their own favorite coop, I just wanted to show you mine.





Picnik collage



6 thoughts on “My Coop

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! My husband is as handy as they come and has promised to build me whatever coop I want this spring, but neither of us know anything from experience about coops (other than what we can read at the chicken websites). Any advice? What features are “must haves” for you? -Thanks for any help you can give me!!-

    1. When I was having him make the coop. I needed a place where I could walk in, feed, water and open the coop door to the outside run. I didn’t want to go in where the chickens were because I also work full time. I didn’t want to get things into my car, or get anything on my dress clothes. So I have it where everything can be done through that area in the mornings on my way out. Saves me time.
      Put in windows, you’ll want that extra light, plus if they open you can help air out the coop and keep a breeze going in the summer. also on during winter it will let out dampness on sunny days. The ladies love to look out.
      I have a slanted roof, with a gutter that feeds down into a big drum, to catch rain water, it has a spigot that I leave dripping in a trough all day, It keeps the water from getting stagnet and a lot of times they drink from the spigot.
      The feed is kept in a drum right inside the door. The divider between the main door and the chickens is framed then has chicken wire on it. it has a screen door on the left side, he made it wide so I could get in a wheel barrel and the nesting boxes are on the right with a door that opens into my side so I can get eggs and check on any broody hens. The door going in is also inline with the door into the hens, that way I can muck it out easier.
      I hope I didn’t bore you or if you would like for me to post more pictures I can, have a good night.

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