Chicken,Beef and veggies

    On our farm we raise Black Angus cattle. They do get into things they shouldn’t, as you can see as he eats the seeds from my bird feeder. We sell some in spring to help with bills or on a good year buy something we need. As our youngest daughter is getting ready for collage this fall, they will be sold to help her. 


When it comes to the chicks, I had 24 chicks last year and this year we have let two flocks go to 2 great homes. Each was sent home with one roo and 8 hens. That left me 5 hens and 1 Roo..They are Barnavelders. Love this breed they are very friendly.


Now the veggies, and fruit I can’t wait til this years crop. I will be cutting down some on some things and growing more on others.  Strawberries I will be growing more, jams, jellies and pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now that I have dreamed my dreams I had better get busy, everyone have a wonderful day.


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