Rosemary ?

  Rosemary, Oh! My! I love this plant.. now to find out what one to get to put into my garden. I didn’t know that there were so many to choose from. I’m not sure which one to get I always thought a herb was a herb, but no not that easy. Rosemary comes in kinds , some bloom some don’t. This is where I could use some help. Does anyone grow  rosemary, not only for cooking but flowers? I want to make flower gardens with herbs, both pretty and useful  any ideas?

rosemary blooming


The chicken coop

(I didn’t know that all my post on this didn’t show up so I posted it again. sorry)
 I work full time and I tend to the chickens on my way out. My first thing was I didn’t want to walk into the coop floor and carry it into my car. He first put the coop door on a pulley and the rope comes through the fence and has a hook and ring where I just pull, hook it on the wall and done without walking in the chickens poo, to lower it, just unhook and it drops.


As you can see in the picture above the nesting box is on the same wall, I can gather the eggs, check on broody hens all without going inside. One other thing I like about this, when my grandson came to stay with me for a week he could go get the eggs, and close them up for the night all by his self . He put a lot of thought into it for me.



` I love my coop! I hope you enjoyed it.

Picnik collage

Herbs go where?

        I’ve always been interested in herbs and as I’m putting my garden together I want to use them with my regular plantings. I’m not really great at what plants go together so I’m going to rely on these books to help me. Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte, Vegetable gardener’s Handbook by Ron Kujawski & Jennifer Kujawski, and The herb Companion .  Like I said also, the net. I would be lost with out that.

If you grow herbs with veggies please let me know what you put together. I’m being very honest, know veggies ok but herbs, not so much other then how to brew my teas. Thanks

Porch tales

         This morning finds me ,on my porch swing,pillow at my back and my favorite blanket draped over me, pretending to keep me warm at 20 degrees. My coffee, still steaming from my cup, knowing that I will drink it quickly before this cool air, takes away its warmth.I truely love hazelnut coffee, thanks to my oldest daughter, who has taught me so many bad habits,lol. She will roll her eyes when she reads this,for sure. Well for one her grammar is refine, don’t ask me how, because I still say warsh, not wash, that’s just not in me. We have always thought she has a big part of her  mothers soul. My youngest, has the part that my momma would have taken a hair brush too, but because of her reminding me of me , the brush stays put. Our son,takes my private side, he takes things head on and won’t ask for help untill he knows that cow ain’t comin home… Thank the Lord they all took common sence, love and patience off their dad………………
Now back to the porch swing, sorry mind wonders. The geese flew in this morning, not sure if something scared them off the pond or just went fishing somewhere else. Either way they were loud and proud to be landing. They were honking like, I do when I see the kids coming over for a visit… Here on the porch I get the warm sun, which is just wonderful this morning. If you looked out the window, you would think it was in the 70’s not 20’s. The house keeps the wind off and still yet my blanket keeps me warm.
The birds are singing, and I have 3 birdhouses that have now been claimed for the summer of 2014. The babies will grow and bless me next year with a visit and maybe raise theirs. Now that’s a never-ending story. I will try to get pictures today if I can before I post this.
As I swing softly, and the chains make their creaking noise, I notice I have a bird that is creaking back..mocking bird? I can’t see it, it’s on the tree line, hidden.  I can see a squirrel  digging a nut out of the corner of my hot bed….better check that out before I plant or he will dig up my plants. The woods have eyes, as I see a buck down by the head of the branch that flows from the woods. I would think that it would be frozen but guess not. Off to the side of the house I hear one of the hens, laying our breakfast for tomorrow. I really can’t tell you in words how calming it is here  on my porch in the swing my hubbys dad made,hanging on the frame my hubby made for me. It will I hope be handed down to other generations, which Lord only knows or hubby better get busy and build 2 more swings and frames.

Well my hands are getting cold, and my coffee has now turn to ice-coffee, not bad really. I will have to leave my porch for now, but I have decided that I love to write here, so this will be a new categories for me,Porch tales has been born onto my blog. Everyone have a great day, and as for the pictures of the birds, that will have to be added later as my fingers are too cold………….

Lady Bugs

     Well, what a pretty day. I’m so thankful for these. Left my windows cracked all day. Hubby  finished his chores and so did I , dinner and shower done, so now were watching, Sgt.York and relaxing .  I wanted to ask if anyone else has a house full of lady bugs………….this warm day and sun has them every where. If they aren’t crawling around on the counters, they are flying around the lights. How do you get rid of them?? Thanks and have a wonderful night.



Early morning, peaceful

      Early morning breakfast done, biscuits and gravy. I could hear the birds chirping just before daylight. With the time change it doesn’t get daylight until 7:30 or later, dumb dumb thing time change… well.
Hubby has already started off on the tractor to cut wood for next year. He has been working on the wood pile for a couple of weeks now. He will have all we used this year replaced by end of spring, early summer. That way he won’t have to do it during the hot summer or work on it will while its hay season.


I know he is plowing in this pic, but I didn’t have one cutting wood…lol that’s old red, it belonged to his grandpa, then his dad and now him. Our youngest daughter said it’s hers next, Eric might not agree..

Today I’ll do some laundry, but not on the line…… but soon I hope. hurts too much to raise my arms that way.. But soon.
Well it won’t take long for my day to get ahead of me so I better take off myself, everyone have a great day.

Bright and sunny

Today has been a wonderful day, I have had the windows open and the breeze is just right If I wasn’t under the weather I would be doing this for sure. I love this kind of day for laundry on the line…… this was me last year…’ll find me every Saturday right here…… now in the afternoon on a day like this Ill be fishing……………….. my reel, matches my gold and beads in my bracelet.. lol Have a wonderful day.


today 063086