Putting to rest

The garden has just about given all she can this year, the tomatoes are hanging in there put I will pull them up next weekend to get ready for putting the garden to sleep. Clean around the hotbeds and plant anything I want to come up next spring. Fall bulbs will be planted along with some garden bed changes. I want to have more of a yard garden come spring. Does anyone have a yard garden? I would love to learn more on how to incorporate it towards the yard. Pretty benches and small fruit trees, a few bird houses and baths. I want it pleasing to the eye along with the belly. lol hope this post finds everyone well in spirits.


New beginning

        Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m a country woman, who loves to work on our farm. I do work outside the farm until we can get things going here. My goal is to be happy, healthy, and show it , Lord willing. We raise chickens, and black Angus cattle. During the start of fall we also get a pig to have for freezer meat along with our beef and chicken. I’ve cut down on my chickens .With hubby and I almost being empty nesters, we don’t need as many. The garden has went down in size also, I still can and freeze, but on a smaller scale. I worry more now about the best veggies I can feed me and my man.

         I have 3 children with the love of my life, Don. We have been married 39 yrs. after this long you know that changes will come and that you know you will get through them all. I love my family and I love the Lord. On this blog you will find that I trust God in all I do, pray and am thankful for all he has done and supplied for us. Without his hand on our lives, we would have nothing.

        I really hope to have friends who are trying to get back to basics, wanting to learn more on providing our own food and just knowing where everything we eat comes from……..hope you enjoy reading as I post our growth and our disappointments.