The way we remember

Our tree is up, all in bloom. My favorite angels, I got over 20yrs ago when my life changed so much. My hubbies ole bat and glove. The old truck and pull toys he had played with and some of the ole toys are kids played with also. The riding toy Donald made for Shannon who is gone but never forgotten. I wish I had saved those special ones over the kids years. This is the best I can do. The wood name plates Kaydy and I did have all our family. Lydia had to be made this year, name on front birthday on back. The Santa ladder, Donald’s dad and mom made for us years ago. Notice the ole pull toy and bubble gum popper, people today would have a field day with the way they were made back then. Yet no one was hurt by them. The tree reminds me of family, and the love of them and peace on earth we should all feel. Please show your tree and what it means to you.


What a pretty day

      The sun peeked out for a couple of hours today, made it very nice. I took a brief walk to enjoy the sunshine. They say our temp will be in the 60’s for Saturday. I hope so, as I need to finish work in the garden. We didn’t have a fall we went straight into winter. Many of our friends couldn’t get to things either. 

      I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading of the blogs I follow. I have along the way found some new blogs that I just love. We all change over the years and some of the blogs I’ve got in my blog roll have left blogging. I need to unfollow them and move on. I guess face book took a few like My Space did back in the day. I will blog as long as I can, it is one of my solaces.

      WordPress  has a new writer, right now I don’t like it. I can’t figure it out. Has anyone tried it? Do you know where spell check is? How to add pictures? if you do please let me know? 

Enjoying the pretty days.

When its pretty, we play. Our youngest grandson learned how to ride a bike. Two of my grandsons learned how to make chocolate chip cookies. The dogs got out to play. I just hung back and enjoyed every minute. Don’t you just love family. The rest will be around over the weekend can’t wait.

Happy 60th Birthday to me!!!

Yelp today I turned 60.  20180727_102111

Today, I still love to hike, site see and spend time with my hubby of 43 years. I plan on nothing new, because life will have its own rewards and challenges. I just plan on riding the wind until it ends. Have a good life, I plan too.

Great 1day get away

Hubby surprised me yesterday and stayed home to take me out for the day. We went to The Garden of the Gods at Shawnee Park ,Illinois. Then went right down the road to Cave in Rock park. These have great hiking areas and pretty doesn’t even touch how it looked. Then we took the ferry into Kentucky to hit Lambert’s throw the rolls, in Missouri. Hope you enjoy! and by the way this day was free. No charges for any of it, all you need to pay is your gas, and food. We always take an ice chest full of drinks and sandwiches for the day. Then enjoy a nice meal at the end. But if you fill your ice chest with goodies, all you got is to pay for your gas. I will add that small kids would be hard to take to the rocks. Nothing is fenced or manned. You can go all over the rocks and lots of drop offs. Hit 4 states yesterday.


This last month

During the last month I have spent most my time in doctors offices and the hospital with my brother-in-law.  He has multiple myeloma and just went through his stem cell replacement. Everything went so well and I am so proud of him. He has special needs and he handled it like a pro. Due to things unseen I ended up staying with him the whole time. My helpers couldn’t make it and Hubby bless his heart is doing hay, tagging cattle and keeping up two yards and everything else I use to help with.

It has been an eye-opening experience, to say the lest. I have realized that people who deal with cancer, will see people walk the other way . I’m not sure if its fear or they just don’t want to be bothered or both. I am grateful to be able to help. I would be lying if I didn’t say the endless appointments and the endless worry have been having a field day with my diabetes. I will figure it out, I would love the prayers for David and for me. I also need prayers for His mom who will be 90 next month and also goes with me on every appointment, between the two I have a fun day………….lol

The garden has been left on its own for over 3 weeks and I am trying to get the weeds pulled a foot at a time. I am so glad I got it started, this will have to be my stress release.  I do have baby tomatoes and my potatoes are doing great. The corn, well lets just say it tried. I will replant. I missed out on my strawberry picking this year, darn it ! But next year things should be back to normal.  The baby geese have all but grown up and they will be leaving the farm soon.  The calves are all but to cute and the cattle have shed their winter coat. Rinny, my GS, is now a year old and sorry to say has been on hold in the training department. So sorry for her.

Well, as I said a lot has happened…………I hope to get back into writing soon. Everyone have a great day. I will try to catch up on your blogs and read them through. See ya.